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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Koolehiyo:First Day of Classes!


It's our first day of class yehey! Sad thing the weather doesn't turn out right, but I'm so thankful for this wonderful day I met my friends again! New classmates, new friends! And oh, a LOT OF FRESHIES!!! Can you see them here?? Well most of them were at the Freshmen Assembly, so it wasn't much crowded here in Palma Hall.

I'm actually here in our CB "tambayan" in Palma Hall because it's raining outside and our real "tambayan" 's still wet.

Here's my orgmates welcoming Pau(the girl at the left), she's a freshie!

After a long time of waiting, I met my orgmate/blogger friend Ate Paige of Sweet Little Bits

Look at her nails! Everybody sing!
"Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-na-na, Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-na-na,

Aimee and Paige's sweet hugs!

It's us! Namely;

Some photoshoot during our break!

View from the back of the Faculty Center

Just after my free-cut on my last subject this day, I took this pic. It's a bit sunny that time.

Then I went back to "tambayan" to see this cute kitten roaming around the halls of Palma Hall. It was taken by Kuya Miko because he's fond of cats.

What a cute-purry scene!

Before I got home, I took pictures with my other CB orgmate and friend Yani! She's so friendly, as in.

And now it's my turn!

Our first day of class went on without any hitch! Well aside from those absent profs which leads to free cuts, running students for teacher's prerogative, and students lost rooms; it's just normal but weird.
Welcome to UP, Freshies!

So how's your first day of class? Share it to us! Leave a comment below! :D

Love lots,

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