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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Picture Perfect:After the Rain

Hello Charmed Girls!!

I really wanted to take good pictures, and whenever I see something (or someone) picture perfect, I won't miss the chance! 

Remember how it rains so much here every afternoon? Well that's really bad 'cause I can't go outside (aside from being too lazy…). But this time I have to thank these tiny raindrops for hydrating our plants! After the rain was gone, I took pictures of our flowers. Take a look!

What kind of flower is this? I don't know but as far as I know this kind of flower is very common in some households.

UPDATE: Well according to my housemate, Kuya Greg, it's called Euphorbia. :) Thanks Greg! :D

The truth is, the day before I took these pictures, I entered a photography contest to win a Canon DSLR camera. The theme of the contest is NATURE. I'm so thankful I have a stock photo here of a butterfly on a flower, so I readily submitted it. You can upload up to three pictures, but I have only uploaded two, now I'm doubting if I would submit any of these as my last entry. What do you think? Can you help me choose?

1.)Title: Water Colored
So color perfect! The contrast of greens and reds makes the picture so vibrant!

2.)Title: Keep me Soaked in Rain
What I liked here is the lighting. It surely says that the rain was over but still you can see the droplets on the leaves and the flowers , dripping slowly…

 Gah! All of them are my favorite!! But if I would consider the "Most Picture Perfect" photo, I think I would pick this. I would name this "The Rain still Drops" . Can you see those rain droplets, like they are continuously falling from the leaf, to the next flower, to the next? :)))

 Here's the close-up of what I'm talking about:

Whaa!! Help me choose!! You can suggest a title or a caption… I still don't know if I would take more pictures… as the rain begins to drop again…

Lots of love,

P.S. If you know other photography contest out there, kindly inform me :) Or anything where I could win a DSLR Camera. I need it so badly. :)) Thanks!

Love Lots,