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Monday, April 1, 2013

ZALORA Picks: PLL's Spencer Hasting's Style

Hello Charmed!!

            As I promised, I wanted to share my current novel fascination… What more but these Rosewood girls that have well-kept secrets and now they are being haunted by someone who knows every little bit of what happens in their lives! Pretty Little Liars!  I know, I know. I'm kinda "late" for joining the mob but at least the PLL3 series on ETC is getting more exciting! *excuses* .  What I liked more is the diversity of the characters and their frantic reactions to A 's notes. You know A is/are such a clever person/ group, and they really had a thing for these pretty girls. A's haunting them… everywhere, every time.
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Okay, enough of the mysteries and horror! One thing that interests me is their fashion statement. Different girls, different attitudes and taste in fashion. Let's start with one of my fave!

Spencer is the smart, competitive student who's the only one who will stand up to Ali 'cause she's insecure about her straight A's. She always loses to her sister Melissa and wants to beat her in academic stuff and incidentally, steals her boyfriend. Her family is one of the vintage houses in Rosewood, having a barn and a mill. No wonder she wears the smart casual look; blazers and flats and mod fashion pieces with knee length boots.


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Photo from Google Images
It's one of my fave fashion statements because I have a lot of black and white outfits and looks presentable whenever going to school or events. It's like getting out of your vintage closet in style. Haha! But if you're having a hard time finding clothes for this style, you could always log on to ZALORA and find what you're looking for! Here are my picks for Spencer Hastings' style!

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'Til next!


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