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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tales of A Brokenheart-ed: Sa Wakas Press Preview

"Kwentuhan lang wala namang masama   Oh usap lang, ibaon muna sa limot ang lungkot"-Kwentuhan, Sugarfree

Read at your own heart's risk :)

         The songs of Sugarfree echoed beautifully in a "Broadway-fied" show last Thursday night. Sa Wakas, a Pinoy Rock Musical featured the songs of one of the most beloved rock band, Sugarfree. Their songs are very relatable and always has that story like "Kwarto" , "Wag Ka Nang Umiyak", "Dear Kuya"," Tulog Na" and "Bawat Daan", which is exclusively written by Ebe Dancel for Sa Wakas. I had a chance to watch Vic Robinson as Topper; a photographer and is torn between two lovers,  Caisa Borromeo as Lexi; a neurosurgery resident with hopes of getting to the top and Kyla Rivera as Gabbi;a photo blogger turned magazine editor  , and the rest of the cast, sing and act in a love story that raises the timeless question of why relationships fall apart…

   Like what I said, it's very timely! And exciting. 'Cause you'll never know what will happen, if it's going to be a happy ending after all. Topper's in love with the two girls , Lexi and Gabbi, and the story revolves on how to get through their relationships. As what Gabbi said to Topper " Ano tayo? Nakikiuso sa mga teleserye? Kabit movies?", and really that is very hyped nowadays. What's cute in here is that you could relate easily with the characters more because of the songs. :) It became entertaining and less the drama. Though I should warn you, it could break your heart too. For me that hasn't entered a romantic relationship yet, how did this musical moved me in any way?

I could relate to one thing.

The rejection. <  / 3

  And unluckily, there's a bunch of it here. :) So I dare you to face it! Haha LoL :)
Gabbi and Topper

Sa Wakas Memorable line #1
Gabbi to Topper: "Buong-buo binigay ko sa'yo. Pero ikaw, Mr.50%!"

Lexi and Topper

Sa Wakas Memorable Line #2
Lexi to Topper: "You know what hurts the most? When the person you loved for a very long time wasn't the same person you fell in love with."

Topper singing Dear Kuya
One of the reasons why I was eager to watch the show is to see Vic Robinson. When I saw the him on the website, I became curious about him. I really think he's handsome! Haha XD But sadly I haven't got picture with him. Huhu T.T  When I first heard him sing, I was really amazed *_*! I really like guys who sings very well, and Vic was no exception. So heart-felt. :3

P.S. Vic, if you're reading this… I just want to tell you how long I've waited for you…. To go down the stairs T.T  *#2 heart broken * Chos!haha XD

    But all in all, the show stayed true with its concept of letting us feel this love story along with the songs. With the great singing and well-played story, you will surely laugh, cry and burst out!

Topper and Gabbi singing Kwentuhan
Lexi and Topper singing "Tulog Na"

One of my most memorable scenes . Very dreamy :3 

This is one of my fave scenes! When Topper and Lexi were arguing about the TV channel. Lexi's watching "One More Chance" yet Topper wants to watch the finals of NBA OKC vs. Heat! LoL Haha XD 

Okay, too much of the spoilers!
The cast and the ensemble

And of course I wouldn't miss a picture with Ebe Dancel!

with Ebe

Wouldn't miss the chance!!

A question from MYX, " Are you a fan of Sugarfree?"
 I always liked their songs. REALLY. I knew one (and I like)when I hear one. Like what the producer, Charissa Ann Pammit said, " So if you're not a  Sugarfree fan now, I guarantee that by the end of the show, you will be." And that, my readers, is how Sa Wakas made me an instant fan! But as what I said in the interview, I really liked their songs and more when it was sung in the play. They merged. Beautifully. :)

With Director and co-writer Andrei Pamintuan

with Caisa (Lexi)

With Kyla (Gabbi)
I know you're also finding Vic. Me too!!! Where he's been? I really don't know! I almost didn't want to go home until I find him and take pictures with him. But sadly, we're in a hurry. Aww.

But the show left me a malignant Last Song Syndrome of Sugarfree songs. Risk it, Sugarfree fans out there!

Perfect for those once (or twice or many times) cheated upon by their ex's, afraid to fall in love again, drama queens and kings aka emo, or.... just musical and/or Sugarfree fans or just want to critique this OPM hit in a stage drama thing. You could still buy tickets at Ticketnet outlets
 located at the SM Department Store Customer Service Area and at the Araneta Coliseum Ticket Booths.  For inquiries and reservations, please call 911-5555 or visit


Momo =)

 The title character of Topper will be alternately played by Fred Lo (9 Works Theatrical’s Rent) and Vic Robinson (PETA’s Si Juan Tamad, Ang Dyablo at Ang Limang Milyong Boto, Batang Rizal). The role of Lexi will be played by Gawad Buhay Award winner Caisa Borromeo (Repertory Philippines’ Little Women) and Laura Cabochan (CCP’s Pasinaya and Ateneo Blue Repertory’s Edges). Free-spirited Gabbi will be played by Kyla Rivera (Repertory Philippines’ I Love You Because) and Justine Peña (Repertory Philippines’ Camp Rock)Also joining the cast are Mikou David, Abi Sulit, Hans Dimayuga, and Cassie Manalastas.
Sa Wakas will have a limited run of 14 shows at the PETA-PHINMA Theater with matinee and evening performances on April 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28. Tickets are available at all Ticketnet outlets located at the SM Department Store Customer Service Area and at the Araneta Coliseum Ticket Booths.  For inquiries and reservations, please call 911-5555 or visit

Sa Wakas is presented by Culture Shock Productions in cooperation with FringeMNL. Media partners include ABS-CBN, Studio 23, Lifestyle Network, Myx, Chalk, Uno, Business World, HerWord.Com, Highlife, and Radio Republic. Special thanks to Route 196, Mary Grace, Parfois, Orange Segment, JB Music and Love One Another Studios.


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