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Monday, February 11, 2013

Fell in Love with They're Playing Our Song

Hello Charmed!
Whew! Almost a month of hiatus! Anyway, before I talk of school drama, let's get straight to the topic.
  Last Friday, I went to the press preview of  They're Playing Our Song at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati. The auditorium was filled with VIPs, guests and members of the press. And of course, everybody was ecstatic for the premiere show! 

My retro-inspired look :)

Ticket for the show (Special thanks to Paige for my TPOS inspired nail art <3 br="">  
We are holding on the promises they've said from the presscon. Remember them? Now I'm gonna tell you my personal review of the show!

They're Playing Our Song was written by Neil Simon, music by Marvin Hamslich and lyrics by Carol Bayer Sager. About the relationship of Sonia Walks, an aspiring female lyricist and Vernon Gersch a renowned composer.

 Loved how they kept that 70's vibe of the set! (As promised! Yay!)… and what we loved is the revolving center stage that not only used for changing the scenes; from an old-fashion recording studio to a disco club full of LED lights and disco balls in just 1..2..3.. Snap! But also used for the continuity of one of the scenes where Sonia (Nikki Gil) and Vernon (Lorenz Martinez) were in a car and going to a vacation and the street signs go round!  Okay, I'll leave that to your imagination.

    There are basically two main characters in the play, they're Sonia Walsk and Vernon Gersch, played by Nikki Gil and Lorenz Martinez, respectively. Nikki has been good at acting and even portrayed Charity in Sweet Charity, but here you can see how she separated the character of Charity from Sonia. She told us that she even make a list of what each of the characters have, then differentiate the two.
  Meanwhile, according to the director, "Lorenz is the perfect Vernon" 'cause he also composes and looks focused as the character.  And for the sarcasm, he said that his peg was Chandler from Friends! But all in all, their performance was much more than romantic comedy. Yes, you will definitely laugh your heart out  but then it's very dynamic, along with the "invisible" Leon and the male and female ensemble, that you wouldn't notice that it was just a dialogue between two people!   And somehow they don't lose that energy and the stance, in fact, my fave scene with two of them is when they sang  and danced"They're Playing Our Song" in a disco club and Nikki's wearing a dazzling indiana outfit. ( I'll also leave that to your imagination). You'll also love Nikki's rendition of "I Still Believe in Love" and Lorenz's "Fallin", among my other faves.

 The show was really great! In fact I was speechless after all. Ask them! They're all taking to me but then I can't say a word! Maybe that's why I chose to write about it then. Tee-hee. So I must say it now, "Congratulations, everyone!"

   After the show,  the cast gathered for a press interview. If you'd only know how my insides are doing their cartwheel that time.

And finally, I had a chance to ask for an autograph from Nikki! Remember the first time we met here. Sadly, Billy's not present there (?).

The cast with the production team. Thank you for a very great show!

  The play won't just make you laugh, or fall in love but also show you how life goes by between these two contrasting characters. In memory of the late Marvin Hamslich, this play serves as a tribute to the world renowned, award winning composer.  So if you're a theater buff, music lover, or just someone who wants to spend Valentine with his/her loved ones, watching "They're Playing Our Song" is one romantic way to go!

THEY’RE PLAYING OUR SONG will run at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati from February 9 to March 3.For tickets, call 9 Works Theatrical at 586-7105, 0917-5545560 or Ticketworld at 891-9999. You may also visit or follow 9 Works Theatrical on Facebook (9workstheatrical) or Twitter (@9WT). 

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