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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Musical-inspired Nail Art by Paige

They're Playing Our Song-inspired nail art by Paige
Hello Charmed!!

    Here's another nail art done by my good friend and nail art aficionado, Paige of Sweet Little Bits! If you're asking why she does my nails because, simply, I can't do it. No matter how I try. Maybe I don't have that special talent in doing nail art (aside from not having nail art brushes and long fingernails). But whenever I have to attend a very special event like the press preview of They're Playing Our Song, I asked her to spare some time prepping my nails. Aside from that I enjoy musicals lately, like Pitch Perfect! And I'm finally singing with my heart out again!

So here it is! My "They're Playing Our Song- inspired nail art!"

I just wanted (and always wanted) a G-clef nail art. But then Paige was having a problem with my short  nails. It's my fault really, I forgot to let them grow for this. So then she decided to design my nails with other musical symbols. She used Caronia Crystal for the base and Caronia Black Velvet for the design and also Caronia Top Coat and Nail Hardener for the top coat. :)

This was done outdoor, so that's why they are a li'l bit smudgy but hey! Those are too cute, right? :D

Here's my right hand! The F-clef complements well with the G-clef. Aww... :D

She even tried to draw a rest and a flat but it was hard because the nail polish went sticky already because we're outdoors.

Okay, everybody sing!! La, la, la-la, la....

Thank you again, Paige for my nail art! You're the best! :)



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